Alexander Pushkin’s poem “Ode to Liberty” brought hope to the Russian people during a time of doubt and uncertainty and his ideas inspired many to take action.

This novel reveals the mysteries surrounding Pushkin’s death after he sought to defend his wife’s honor in a duel and it solves the mystery of the anonymous letter. No other biography or novel about Pushkin calls out the source of the anonymous letter until now!

Learn about the life and loves of this poet and explore his fascination with dueling, his struggle with censorship, his accomplishments during his seven years in exile, his moral issues with religion, and his tribute to his comrades after the Decembrist Uprising. M. A. DuVernet tells a story that is crafted using Pushkin’s poems and letters with incidents that prove to have shaped his life in interesting ways. All of this is part of the mystery surrounding Pushkin, the poet who became a legend.

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Bones of Skull Island

Hunter Burrows enjoys digging for lost dinosaur bones or Indian treasure with his father, Mitch. The treasures they find are anything from beautiful agates to gold coins to bones of creatures over seven hundred thousand years old. Their family getaway soon turns from a typical day of digging and discovery to an eventful journey surging with great mystery as they uncover the jaw bone of an ancient hobbit.

Not only does Hunter have to wrestle a dead object and be captured by the ghost of evil pirate Pete but he also meets a girl who leads him into the most unpredictable of situations. Together they encounter the giant Makki, unravel the mystery of Surly Max, befriend the animals of the Baja, and fulfill the prophecy of the whispering tree. Plus, he learns a little bit more about who he is by digging deep within himself.

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M.A. DuVernet was born Mindy Ann Vollmer in Duluth, Minnesota and was raised in Minnetonka…

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“What a delightful read!!. I found the book to be entertaining as well as educational”.
Darra – Denver, Colorado

“Loved the book! Ms Duvernet’s writing style makes the content very accessible to even the most novice of readers of Russian history. The book is well researched and the inclusion of his drawings and writings and the period photographs make Pushkin’s world real indeed! You will cheer his chutzpah and spirit, be angry with his self-destructive tendencies, and mourn his tragic passing. But best of all, you will be successfully transported to another time and place; a great ride and a great book!”
Diane – Prior Lake, Minnesota

“A compelling look at Alexander Pushkin and the characters who surrounded him. Author M. A. DuVernet digs deep into the life and death of this colorful (and often troubled) writer. It gives me a new respect for all the influences that drove his creative mind. I think of my father, who recently passed, and his love for Russian literature. He would also have loved this book.”
Todd – West Palm Beach, Florida

“It is a fabulous book about Alexander Pushkin written by an American writer with love and respect for the greatest Russian poet who is not so widely known outside of the Russian-speaking world. Ms. DuVernet’s novel tells us a captivating story about the poet and his time, providing the reader with deep insights into Pushkin’s biography, showing the events and people who influenced this genius of Russian poetry. I also loved that the author included Pushkin’s drawings and fragments of his poetry into her novel. In this way we can visualize all the main characters in the way that Pushkin himself saw them and feel the music of his poetry. This novel is very engaging, intellectually and emotionally stimulating. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who is fond of Russian literature and history, as well as to those who love reading about great people who contributed to human civilization.”
Vladimir – Bloomington, Minnesota

“This book is informative and the writing is personal. Descriptions are written so well that you can visualize the country side, the ball dresses, the faces of the people, I highly recommend it. Pushkin’s Ode to Liberty is long, but worth the read.”
Helen – Minnetonka, Minnesota

“This is a very good book. Ms. Duvernet did a great deal of research for this book, and it shows in the character development and scene setting. This is a biography about Alexander Pushkin, one of Russia’s most esteemed poets and authors. He had a strong yearning for freedom, not only for himself but for all of Russia. His writings and his public comments put him at odds with the Tsar, and he spent his life dealing with the consequences. He was an incredible character. His charm, intellect, and irreverence made him a hero of the Russian people. The early 1800’s saw America and France experiencing their post-revolutionary freedoms and there was hope for oppressed people everywhere that freedom could come to them too. This book provides the historical context for what life was like in Russia during this time, how the Tsars oppressed the masses, and what was being done to change it. There are many facets to this book. There is the Russian history, a glimpse into Russian aristocracy and the lifestyle of the privileged and well-connected, the secret societies that tried to organize to free Russia from oppression, and how things like honor and dignity compelled men to act. There is a great deal of character development and back story which allows Ms. Duvernet to detail not only what happened, but why. There are events and conversations in the book that are created by the author to build the story and to move the narrative along, but these creations are built on educated guesses based on the extensive research that Ms. Duvernet conducted. Her knowledge of the subject and her passion for the story are what make this a book worth reading.”
Gaylen – Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“Excellent book! Being born and raised in Russia, Pushkin has been my favorite author and I’ve studied many books about his life. I was truly amazed when I was reading Mindy Duvernet’s story – what a great way to introduce English-speaking world to Pushkin, his life and work, Russian history and culture.”
Elena – St. Louis Park, Minnesota